Coffee Plant Diseases and Pests

Coffee plants face numerous dangers every day. Climate change, too much or too little rainfall, sharp temperature rises and falls – all of these can contribute to the failure of a crop. But, that’s not all. Coffee farmers are constantly battling numerous diseases and pests looking to destroy the plant as well.

We’ve been seeing most recently the problems that Central America has been having with leaf rust, and the coffee borer battle going on in Hawaii. While both are equally as destructive to plants, they are unfortunately not the only risks the plants can face.

Here’s some information on the culprits coffee plants face:


This parasite will infect a coffee plant and make it appear stunted by blocking primary branches, flowers, and making flowers bloom prematurely. In sever cases the plant dies.

Coffee Borer

This beetle can cause severe damage by inserting itself into the coffee plant and making a hole around its discs. The young fruit then falls and greatly reduces the quality of the plant overall.

Leaf Rust Disease

This disease only effects Arabica coffee, while leaving Robusta alone. Once infected, the coffee plant’s leaves will gain dark brown and dry spotting, eventually be deprived of starch, and then die.

Cercospora Leaf Spot Disease

First little yellow spots form when a plant contracts this disease, then those spots turn into brown spots. Decay then spreads to the seeds, thus destroying the quality of the fruit.